A large volume of video footage is edited in TV stations daily for the production of broadcasts. Numerous editors use the latest video sequences from a variety of sources to produce their reports. This raw footage should be comprehensive, readily accessible and easy to use.​

Editorial system
Planning and production of (online) TV and radio place complex demands on an editorial system. APA -IT has developed the editorial system "Redsys" in close cooperation with ORF. Around 7,700 broadcasts per month are planned and produced with it at ORF alone.

The APA-IT LoopRecorder records TV and radio signals simultaneously from multiple sources and archives the data 24x7. The recorded sequences can be accessed and edited within seconds. New material as well as archival content can be fed directly into and viewed in the same system. Afterward, a cut list can be produced from the video footage with the help of the raw cut function. In the production planning workflow, integrated rights management ensures that only that for which the rights have been secured is shown.

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12.06.2017, 14:18
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„The television and media know-how reflected in products such as the LoopRecorder as well as the 24x7 support convinced us of APA-IT.“

(Andreas Gall, Red Bull Media House)

„With the LoopRecorder, together with ORF APA-IT has created a product that can be adapted to individual needs and consequently is always state-of-the-art.“

(Thomas Pranter, ORF)

„APA-IT stands out due to its considerable expertise, high level of professionalism and strong commitment to its clients. For years this has made it an indispensable, reliable partner for technological developments, especially for highly complex projects such as the RedSys editorial system.“

(Ing. Michael Götzhaber, ORF)