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Data volumes are growing at enormous speed – on the internet and in companies. Locating the correct information in millions of documents and multimedia files within seconds, or publishing it at maximum speed requires intelligent technologies.

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MARS - content management for news agencies
01.06.2017, 11:43
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„We commissioned APA-IT to refine the data model of our sports information system because existing cooperation in the area of editorial systems also produces numerous synergies. The project went very well; all of our requirements were met.“

(Sandro Mühlebach, sda Sportinformation)

„APA creates and operates the sophisticated system requirements of our G+J press database for us. We are provided an information management system which supports the complex processes for building and maintaining our database content as well as the functions of research.“

(Martin Borek, Gruner + Jahr)

„In an excitingly creative process we've achieved good results for virtually all the needs of our new website. The APA-IT team has proven it has a command of more than just customary and standard solutions.“

(Michael Steidl, IPTC)

„On the one hand, with the new press review it is now possible to reduce the volume of information to what is specifically necessary, that is, the essence, and to do so without losing any important elements in the process. On the other hand, the semantic networking and linking functions generate new and relevant knowledge which would otherwise be difficult to see or not visible at all.“

(Waltraud Wiedermann, APA-DeFacto)

„We commissioned APA-IT with our websites because technical know-how and smart graphics are guaranteed.“

(Marlies Gruber, forum.ernährung heute)