DMB: Apps Module 

The Mobile Publishing Suite was developed to quickly and easily provide content from newspapers, magazines, client and company publications as well as product documentation as an app on tablets and smartphones – and in a personalised look.

Offering your publication as an app can result in significant increases in revenue through the sale of digital subscriptions. Whenever they want, your readers can take advantage of the mobile and flexible consumption of your content on smartphones, tablets or wearables and also read complete issues offline.

You benefit from client satisfaction due to growing readership, greater range and additional advertising revenues.

Mobile Publishing Suite Edition:
For edition-oriented publications

  • PDF e-paper with IVW/ÖWA-compatibility
  • Digital issues on HTML5 basis (e. g. evening editions, sports editions, regional mutations), also possible without a print equivalent
  • Integration of supplements
  • Integration of multimedia content and widgets (e. g. puzzles, Sudoku, weather)
  • One data feed – all display channels (e. g. iOS, Android, Windows)

Mobile Publishing Suite Wire:
For multimedia newsfeeds

  • Real-time ticker-like content app
  • Combination of various parallel news feeds in one overall structure
  • Embedding of internal corporate content in news and agency content
  • Alarm and personalisation options
  • Rapid implementation of temporary apps (e. g. events, anniversaries)

About Digital Media Base

The Digital Media Base (DMB) unites all of the technical tools that you as a media company need for the digital age. The tools simplify your editorial process, automate time-consuming manual activities and supply the technological basis for the smart and personalised delivery of your content to your readers across all digital channels.

Together with our partners we are continually expanding the DMB. To do so, we analyse the requirements of our clients and develop new modules or integrate new functions. Close coordination and cooperation with you is important for us.

01.09.2016, 12:55
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