Digital Media Base (DMB)

The Digital Media Base (DMB) unites all of the technical tools that you as a media company need for the digital age.

You can link one or several modules of the solution directly to your existing editorial, display and/or subscription system. The DMB thus bundles existing production systems in a shared content infrastructure. This integrated solution not only facilitates synergies within the modules, but is a foundation for a continuous user experience.

The DMB tools simplify your editorial process, automate time-consuming manual activities and supply the technological basis for the smart and personalised delivery of your content to your readers across all digital channels.

As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, we operate the individual software solutions including the requisite infrastructure for you – you conveniently use the software via your web browser.

Modules of DMB
SourcesThe future of news screening
VideoThe video solution for all display channels
Apps & Web-E-Paper: Digital publishing for Smartphones, Tablets and Web
WebNext-generation portals
ArchiveThe media company’s memory
Social MediaPerformance insight
StatisticsMeasurable success
PaymentEfficient monetisation
13.05.2020, 13:32
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