DMB: Web Module

The Content Management System (CMS) is the hub of digital transformation and helps you to not only have control over content but to monetise it as well.

The web module provides tools for your dynamic web presence and is available as a SaaS. With this module you manage your content all the time and everywhere, independently of your existing editorial system. Benefit from this new architectural approach in which the focus is on creating modern and user-centred web interfaces.

Gentics Mesh

Gentics Mesh is an API-First CMS with which you can implement web applications and apps with your preferred web technologies and development tools. You therefore benefit from a completely new architectural approach. The focus is on the modelling, management and administration of content. Storing content and rendering web interfaces can be done with every standard web technology.

Responsible for capturing and delivering content in real time, Gentics Mesh offers you functions for the authorisation, versioning and internationalisation of content. At the same time, due to linear scaling the API-First CMS can grow with every product size. Data and presentation are clearly separated from one another. This means you can concentrate entirely on creating modern, user-centred web interfaces and apps.

There is no limitation arising from conventional requirements of CMS implementation, architecture and infrastructure. No specific programming or template language is necessary for operation. Web developers can work with the language and tools they are accustomed to. Every function and all of the data are accessible in Gentics Mesh as API and can therefore be accessed itself by all web developers. As a SaaS solution the required storage, CPU and internet bandwidth are already included.

  • Development of a wide variety of web applications and apps on one platform
  • Short time2market phase due to simplification of web development
  • No training costs, as well-known development tools are used
  • Total manufacturer independence due to unlimited options for adaptation


With the help of APA-PowerSearch technology, you get your research results in seconds. More than 300 million documents can be searched on the basis of texts, image keywords, video transcripts and archival material.

Fully automatic location and name recognition (persons, organisations and companies) are possible, as are subject clustering, automatic summarisation and a chronological view of the issues. We handle the operation of the final application in a powerful data centre with 24x7 support.

With the PowerSearch interfaces integrated into Gentics Mesh APA-IT makes it possible for external developers of news portals to utilise the biggest full-text database in the German-speaking region for the first time.

  • Location and name recognition
  • Thematic clustering
  • Automatic summarisations

Smart Services


With SmartTag a text is analysed within a fraction of a second and associated with metadata on the concepts found. For search engine optimisation (SEO) relevant keywords are generated that can be gathered in a database. This way you optimise your news portal's Google ranking and also offer your readers additional information on the articles read. Time-consuming manual keywords of editorial content are a thing of the past. Your news portal’s readers receive crosslinks on the subject of the text read within your website and on Wikipedia.

The system recognises words, synonyms, persons, locations, organisations, products, URLs and mail addresses in their context and can easily integrate them into your editorial and content management system.

The solution is also available as a web service.

  • Time-savings with keywording for uniform and therefore useful metadata
  • SEO support
  • Integration in existing editorial and content management systems

Recommendation Engine

This tool analyses and understands the behaviour of your readers and identifies for them the content which they will find relevant. Personalised recommendations are generated by matching the content already consumed by your users with your content in real time. Content can also be monetised with the help of native formats.

  • Recommendations based on an analysis of user behaviour
  • Real-time measurement
  • Cross-platform analytics


This semantic function recognises complex connections in texts and summarises them – to as many sentences, paragraphs or characters as you specify. The service can be used for several languages and for the summarisation of several documents.

  • Summarise function across several documents
  • Available in several languages

About Digital Media Base

The Digital Media Base (DMB) unites all of the technical tools that you as a media company need for the digital age. The tools simplify your editorial process, automate time-consuming manual activities and supply the technological basis for the smart and personalised delivery of your content to your readers across all digital channels.

Together with our partners we are continually expanding the DMB. To do so, we analyse the requirements of our clients and develop new modules or integrate new functions. Close coordination and cooperation with you is important for us.

13.05.2020, 13:35
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