DMB: Sources Module

Social media channels, a strong increase in mobile use as well as multimedia content require newsroom management to be able to find and compare content as fast as possible.

With the new Sources module APA-IT-NewsCards we offer editors a web interface that clearly displays a variety of news streams and enables a quick overview of the latest events. The solution is usefully integrated into the workflow of the respective editorial department.

In addition to agency material, editors can observe relevant sources such as social media and websites. Semantic and smart search functions enable the rapid analysis of enormous quantities of data – sorted by theme and keyword. Multimedia content and videos or photographs can be incorporated into the monitoring activity as well.

  • A platform for all relevant news feeds
  • Individual selection and adaptation of the cards displayed
  • Wide range of multimedia sources that can be integrated
  • Simple and cross-card filtering option for all content
  • Interface for editorial systems

About Digital Media Base

The Digital Media Base (DMB) unites all of the technical tools that you as a media company need for the digital age. The tools simplify your editorial process, automate time-consuming manual activities and supply the technological basis for the smart and personalised delivery of your content to your readers across all digital channels.

Together with our partners we are continually expanding the DMB. To do so, we analyse the requirements of our clients and develop new modules or integrate new functions. Close coordination and cooperation with you is important for us.

13.05.2020, 13:34
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