Video integration on websites

Videos make websites dynamic and increase both the number of hits and the dwell time of users. However, for successful integration the moving images must be appropriately edited, indexed and made available either live or on demand. APA-IT's video services offer clients professionalism as well as easy operation.

Service package

Clients are provided a professional and easy-to-use tool to place videos on web portals and also market them independently. The standard package includes complete hosting services via APA-IT's fail-safe data processing centres, conversion into a variety of video formats, streaming as well as a separate player on which the videos can be played. Our platform is completely web-based and operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution; this means the user does not need to install or operate any additional software.

Trend toward video

To attract the attention of users, for their modern websites more and more companies are focusing on video integration – from short 30-second clips to longer presentation or explanatory videos.

It must be borne in mind, however, that the placement of videos on various platforms also means significant detailed technical knowledge and investments in software and infrastructure.

With the video services users can start right away – APA-IT handles the technical preparation. Furthermore, a relevant advantage compared to YouTube or other online video platforms is guaranteed: clients have total influence on marketing their videos and can decide for themselves whether and how their videos are acquired, which means total freedom to decide whether to integrate advertising in the video.


APA-IT handles the full operation of the solution and support for technical questions. The user only has to upload the video. This means clients can concentrate on their core competency and on content production and leave the technical details to the APA-IT pros.

Combination and upselling products  

APA-IT video services are constructed on a modular basis and can be enhanced with further components at any time. Geocoding is as much a part of the service as stream encryption. In addition to the selection of additional standard components, the video services can also be individually adapted to the needs of our clients, thus additional functions can also be added. Of course the product also undergoes continuous development in order to accommodate the latest trends in the video industry.