Alexis Johann, styria digital one

"Tablets are just the right thing for our target group, Austria's decision makers. That's why we wanted to be Austria's first newspaper in this new market. To achieve this, we cooperated with APA-IT."

Thomas Prantner, ORF

"APA-IT's experience in the media industry and knowledge about reliable 24x7 support motivated us to seek broader cooperation in the area of streaming solutions."


Sandro Mühlebach, sda Sportinformation

"We commissioned APA-IT to refine the data model of our sports information system because existing cooperation in the area of editorial systems also produces numerous synergies. The project went very well; all of our requirements were met."


Karin Thiller, APA-OTS

"High availability even at peak traffic times was critical for APA-IT's streaming solutions."


George Nimeh, Kurier

"In the search for a new video service for Kurier Medienhaus regional and international service providers were considered, and ultimately we opted for APA-IT. A reliable, scalable, stable and cost-effective solution was important for our selection in order to ensure that the integration of digital videos in the web, on tablets and mobile devices was viable for the future. The APA-IT team mde the prompt and flawless integration of this high-quality service possible."


Gerlinde Hinterleitner,

"In addition to the high level of system availability, flexible delivery, which also supports the integration of advertising to make the video production profitable, played the most important role in the decision for APA-IT."

Tiroler Tageszeitung

Patricio Hetfleisch, Tiroler Tageszeitung

"APA-IT is a reliable technology partner from Austria, the project management is professional, the contact partners are available at all times, and the streaming and platform costs for our video content can be easily planned for the medium and long term, above all in a range which is extremely difficult for comparable solutions to achieve and will be in the future as well."

Michael Steidl, IPTC

"In an excitingly creative process we've achieved good results for virtually all the needs of our new website. The APA-IT team has proven it has a command of more than just customary and standard solutions."

Waltraud Wiedermann, APA-DeFacto

"On the one hand, with the new press review it is now possible to reduce the volume of information to what is specifically necessary, that is, the essence, and to do so without losing any important elements in the process. On the other hand, the semantic networking and linking functions generate new and relevant knowledge which would otherwise be difficult to see or not visible at all."

Martin Borek, Leiter Content Service und Vermarktung, Gruner + Jahr

"APA creates and operates the sophisticated system requirements of our G+J press database for us. We are provided an information management system which supports the complex processes for building and maintaining our database content as well as the functions of research."

Christian Werding, Parkside Informationstechnologie GmbH

"We've cultivated an excellent business relationship with APA-IT for some time. Not only does APA-IT stand out because of its extensive expertise in a variety of IT solutions, it also does so because of its proactive support and individualised approach to various corporate issues. We're happy to have found a committed, competent and reliable partner in APA-IT and look forward to an exceptional level of cooperation in the future."


Ing. Michael Götzhaber, ORF

"APA-IT stands out due to its considerable expertise, high level of professionalism and strong commitment to its clients. For years this has made it an indispensable, reliable partner for technological developments, especially for highly complex projects such as the RedSys editorial system."

Erhard Frantz, 3-S-IT Dienstleistungen GmbH

"In addition to the absolutely cost-effective service with respect to the competition, the critical factor in commissioning the order was primarily the service and support structures: the Austrian Federation of Trade Unions (ÖGB) and its seven unions are committed to a uniform, common IT infrastructure, but the very different industry-related requirements are an enormous challenge for operation and maintenance. With its support structures APA-IT is best-suited for this."

Mag. Heimo Hammer, Kraftwerk

"Our life is digital. Whether private or professional, nearly all information, services, transactions, customer dialogues, etc. are carried out online or in mobile or social networks. For our important projects with ZURICH Group, WINPIN, Raiffeisen, MONDI GROUP, etc. kraftwerk counts on its professional partner APA-IT. We have been cooperating in managed server hosting now for over 5 years and have surpassed the considerable standards of our clients. All of the security and performance tests as well as all major loads were handled and balanced perfectly."

Mag. Silvia Lieb, Moser Holding

"APA-IT's holistic approach and particularly its industry know-how were critical for our decision to outsource our technology to APA-IT.“

Angelika Wessely, Regal

"With APA-IT we have 24x7 support and can outsource our entire IT in good conscience.“

Michael Fleischhacker, NZZ Österreich GmbH

"As APA-IT is the IT service provider that has an excellent knowledge of the requirements of media companies, it quickly became clear that we would approach APA-IT rather than use our own capacities and accrue fixed costs, or approach another supplier."